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How may we serve you?  We offer one on one and group coaching sessions to survivors and at-risk youth wanting to improve their lives.

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Our services include:

  • Academic and Career Support
  • Personal and Small Business Development
  • Empowerment Seminars & Workshops
  • Domestic Violence & Anti-Bullying Awareness Events


Freedom Express Workshop

Personal Growth & Development Workshop

What actions are you taking to make real change in your life?  Do you have a life goal but don't know where or how to start?  We all know that real change takes action. This workshop is designed to change what you think is impossible. Our action-based approach changes your thinking and helps you build new habits so you can repeat the steps you learn over and over again.

Target Audience

This workshop is for attendees that want to learn how to reach their life goals while overcoming obstacles, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities

Learning Objectives

This personal development workshop is designed to help attendees understand and use their personal talents to:

  1. Increase productivity,
  2. Learn actionable strategies, and
  3. Obtain clarity to get unstuck.

Delivery Method:

Facilitated/Instructor Led

Focus Area:

“How to”

Skill Level:



Hands-on/Open Discussion

Workshop Description:

Attendees will walk in facing self-doubt, fear, perfectionism, and uncertainties about how to move forward with their life goals. They walk out equipped with new language and grounded and practical strategies they can use to better support themselves and other people in their lives. The Freedom Express Workshop will show attendees how to strategically take action and bring their goals to life.


Composition Notebook/Journal, Goal Planning Worksheets, Writing Utensils, Smiles

Workshop Developers:

Shifted Masterpiece Inc. and Vee SpeakLife

Registration is Free