Our History


Founded in 2017 by Women’s Empowerment Speaker and Domestic Violence Awareness Advocate, V. Speaklife Morgan, Shifted Masterpiece, Inc. (SMI) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization serving domestic violence survivors, families, At Risk youth and the underserved. After escaping the abuse of a toxic marriage, and gaining stability for herself and her son, she developed a strong desire to share her story and empower other victims of abuse. This passion and resilience was transformed into programs and resources which helped others rise out of the physical, mental and emotional bondage of domestic violence into lives of peace, safety, financial stability and a culture and climate of self love and acceptance. 

Through its Seminars, Workshops, Coaching, Training, and Continuing Education Programs- SMI has been a committed compassionate catalyst and advocate for enhancing the lives of women via Domestic Violence Awareness, Career Readiness and Workforce Development, Health and Wellness, and Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, SMI has a thriving component for At-Risk Youth, which focuses on Social Emotional Learning, Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies, Conflict Resolution, College and Career Readiness, Leadership and Life Skills- all created for the purpose ensuring those served are able to live productive purposeful lives and become assets to their families, communities, and society as a whole. 

Community Engagement & Involvement

In order to be one of the relevant voices advocating for Domestic Violence Awareness-Nationally and Globally- SMI hosted its inaugural Open-Mic Event to increase Awareness and Advocacy. What began as script for a play about Domestic Violence was transformed into an Open Mic event, where all in attendance strongly urged the SMI team to host more events on domestic violence awareness and bullying. Now SMI hosts monthly Open Mic and anti-bullying events to showcase the gifts of those passionate about eradicating domestic violence and bullying. Moreover, SMI has partnered with 2020 Enterprises and the Georgia Department of Health each year since 2017 at anti-bullying assemblies in October to raise bullying awareness among Middle and High School students. 

Dedicated to put an end to these societal ills, SMI continues its efforts in promoting programs, Community Engagement and Advocacy that will enhance individuals ability to lead lives where safety and peace of mind and spirit are essential for maximizing growth and productivity. Moreover, the lives touched will be, “Shifted,” as Survivors and their families will have experiences that will change their lives for the better and they will become, “Masterpieces” due to their resilience and will to overcome. Thus, Shifted Masterpiece is where the canvas is unleashed and the masterpiece is revealed. 

We're Celebrating Survivors

Not only are we helping others create a new life with new memories, we're also celebrating survivors and bringing the joy. Because we become more gifted, and more hearts are lifted, when our inner Masterpiece is Shifted.